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Nanoscience Foundries & Fine Analysis (NFFA) - Trieste is an open access infrastructure to perform experiments in nanoscience involving growth, characterization and advanced spectroscopies at synchrotron radiation and pulsed laser sources.

NFFA-Trieste, operational for national and international users since 2015, is the first research facility offering direct integration between nanofoundries and analytical large scale facilities.
The project, therefore, offers advanced off-line tools for sample growth (PLD, MBE, PVD) and for characterization (STM, XPS, MOKE, SEM, XRD) of nanosystems, in combination with spectroscopic techniques (ARPES, Spin-ARPES, XPS, XMCD, XAS, Ambient-pressure XAS, FTIR analysis) at Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste storage ring.

From 2018 users may apply for the use of SPRINT laboratory, where pulsed laser sources are used to perform time-resolved valence band photoemission spectroscopy and spin polarization polarimetry.
Moreover, from December 2020 SISSI-Bio, the Chemical and Life Sciences branch of the SISSI infrared beamline, is accessible through the NFFA-Trieste project.

The Open Access is regulated by a proposal system and international peer-review, that considers specific projects that need integrated access to different techniques in the nanoscience research. There are no deadlines and proposals are continuously accepted and evaluated.



NFFA-Trieste represents the Design Study of NFFA-Europe, a H2020 Integration project coordinated by CNR-IOM providing transnational open access to a distributed nanoscience infrastructure (more than 20 partners all over Europe), where many nanofoundries are co-located with Analytical Large Scale facilities, as NFFA-Trieste.


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