NFFA Thesis
University of Milan Bachelor's Degree Thesis, (2021)
E-field effect on the Fe/PMN-PT heterostructure morphology and magnetism
P. Mantegazza (Supervisors: G. Rossi, P. Torelli)
NFFA Thesis
University of Milan PhD Thesis, (2019)
Understanding the electronic properties of quantum materials by means of photoemission with angular and spin resolution
C. Bigi (Supervisors: G. Rossi, I. Vobornik)
NFFA Thesis
University of Milan Master's Degree Thesis, (2019)
Layer-by-layer growth of TiO2 - anatase: evolution 2D/3D of the electron states
A. Troglia (Supervisors: G. Rossi, P. Orgiani, I. Vobornik)
Involved NFFA technique:
NFFA Thesis
Summer Internship Report, (2019)
Moke investigations - Summer internship report
S. Santosh (Supervisor: P. Torelli)
Involved NFFA techniques:
NFFA Thesis
Roma Tre University PhD Thesis, (2016)
Strongly correlated electron materials: A core level photoelectron spectroscopy investigation
V. Lollobrigida (Supervisor: F. Offi)
Involved NFFA technique: