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Silvia Mauri

UniTS PhD student

Silvia Mauri's doctoral research activity is mainly focused on the investigation of the surface reactivity of heterogeneous catalysts by operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation. Moreover, she performs computational simulations with DFT and semi-empirical methods, in order to have a clear and complete interpretation of the experimental data.

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2019 - Master's Degree in Nanostructured and Supramolecular Systems at the University of Trieste, Italy

2016 - Bachelor Degree in Chemistry at the University of Trieste, Italy



Within NFFA
Our Research
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 12, 9182–9187, (2021)
Catching the Reversible Formation and Reactivity of Surface Defective Sites in Metal–Organic Frameworks: An Operando Ambient Pressure-NEXAFS Investigation
L. Braglia, F. Tavani, S. Mauri, R. Edla, D. Krizmancic, A. Tofoni, V. Colombo, P. D’Angelo, and P. Torelli
Involved NFFA technique:
Ambient pressure XAS @ APE-HE