Deepak Dagur

UniTS PhD student

The main goal of Deepak Dagur's doctoral research project is to scrutinize and play with the magneto-electric coupling effects in complex multi-ferroic heterostructures, fabricated using MBE technique in UHV environment. Specifically, he wants to manipulate the magnetization switching of ferromagnetic thin films deposited on top of a ferroelectric material under the application of an Ultra-violet (UV) laser via photostriction effect. The final step of his project will be the optimum utilization of so formed multi-ferroics in the field of nanotechnology for computational, communication, energy harvesting and storage devices (like transducers: Photostrictive Actuators and Sensors).


2020 - Master's Degree in Applied Physics at the Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India

2018 - Bachelor Degree at the Govt. Gandhi Memorial Science College, India