Federico Motti

Federico Motti worked within NFFA-Trieste as University of Milan PhD student from October 2019 to December 2019. He is currently working in the Mesoscopyc System Group at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland. His PhD project was devoted to the study of interplay between structural, dynamical and ferroelectric interfacial properties in multiferroic heterostructures. This work concerned both synthesis of multilayered systems, in the MBE Cluster Growth at the APE beamline, and characterisation with soft X-rays synchrotron light, at the APE High-Energy end station. Of particular interest on these kind of systems are in-operando measurements, in which spectroscopy signals are collected while applying external electric/magnetic fields.


2019 - Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy

2016 - Master's Degree in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy

2013 - Bachelor Degree in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy


Within NFFA
Our Research
Rev. Sci. Instrum., 91, 085109, (2020)
An integrated ultra-high vacuum apparatus for growth and in situ characterization of complex materials
G. Vinai, F. Motti, A.Yu. Petrov, V. Polewczyk, V. Bonanni, R. Edla, B. Gobaut, J. Fujii, F. Suran, D. Benedetti, F. Salvador, A. Fondacaro, G. Rossi, G. Panaccione, B.A. Davidson and P. Torelli
Involved NFFA techniques:
Our Research
Phys. Rev. Materials, 4, 114418, (2020)
Interplay between morphology and magnetoelectric coupling in Fe/PMN-PT multiferroic heterostructures studied by microscopy techniques
F. Motti, G. Vinai, V. Bonanni, V. Polewczyk, P. Mantegazza, T. Forrest, F. Maccherozzi, S. Benedetti, C. Rinaldi, M. Cantoni, D. Cassese, S. Prato, S.S. Dhesi, G. Rossi, G. Panaccione, and P. Torelli
Involved NFFA techniques:
NFFA Thesis
University of Milan PhD Thesis, (2019)
Strain-mediated magneto electric coupling and beyond: case studies by in-operando spectroscopy
F. Motti (Supervisor: G. Rossi)
Involved NFFA techniques: