Chiara Bigi

Chiara Bigi worked within NFFA-Trieste as University of Milan PhD student and CNR-IOM Post-doc from October 2019 to August 2020. She is currently working as Research Fellow in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at University of St Andrews, Scotland. Chiara Bigi's research interests were mainly focused on the investigation of the electronic and spin properties of topological insulators, both single crystal and thin films, and 2D systems. During her master thesis she contributed to technical test and characterization of VLEED spectrometers of the new SP-ARPES device at APE-NFFA beamline and was involved in the study of electronic properties of both Bi2Se3 and oxides thin films grown in-situ by Pulsed Laser Deposition.


2019 - Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy

2016 - Master's Degree in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy

2013 - Bachelor Degree in Physics at the University of Milan, Italy



Within NFFA
Our Research
Phys. Rev. B, 103, 245142, (2021)
Measuring spin-polarized electronic states of quantum materials: 2H−NbSe2
C. Bigi, F. Mazzola, J. Fujii, I. Vobornik, G. Panaccione, and G. Rossi
Involved NFFA technique:
Our Research
J. Electron Spectros. Relat. Phenomena, 245, 147016, (2020)
Predominance of z(2)-orbitals at the surface of both hole- and electron-doped manganites
C. Bigi, S.K. Chaluvadi, A. Galdi, L. Maritato, C. Aruta, R. Ciancio, J. Fujii, B. Gobaut, P. Torelli, I. Vobornik, G. Panaccione, G. Rossi, P. Orgiani
Our Research
Phys. Rev. Materials, 4, 025801, (2020)
Distinct behavior of localized and delocalized carriers in anatase TiO2 (001) during reaction with O2
C. Bigi, Z. Tang, G.M. Pierantozzi, P. Orgiani, P. K. Das, J. Fujii, I. Vobornik, T. Pincelli, A. Troglia, T.-L. Lee, R. Ciancio, G. Drazic, A. Verdini, A. Regoutz, P.D.C. King, D. Biswas, G. Rossi, G. Panaccione, and A. Selloni
Involved NFFA techniques: