Open Positions

PhD Thesis

Catalysts active sites characterization by ambient pressure soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy

The candidate will have the opportunity to work at the synchrotron facility of Elettra (Trieste) at APE-HE beamline. The PhD student will become a recognized expert of the X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and will perform experiments for investigating the surface reactivity of materials especially for catalytic applications (metal oxides, metal organic frameworks, perovskites, etc.). The project will touch many advanced topics in the field of material science and among them the study of the reactivity of Hydrogen inside fuel cells will be addressed. A new device was recently developed at APE-HE beamline that allows to perform operando XAS experiments at 1 bar up to 400°C. This kind of setup is a brand new opportunity, since there are only few devices like this in the world and it is just waiting for your cutting-edge discoveries.

The candidate will join a large group formed by several doctoral and post doctoral students from different countries who operate the different instruments in our laboratory. The international environment is also enriched by the presence of many international groups that come to perform experiments at our beamline and the candidate will have the chance to participate in some of them. In addition, the candidate will spend a period abroad for experiments in other facilities, schools and international conferences.

The candidate will also be trained at others techniques, present in our lab, that we use as anchillary characterization in our experiments such as: XRD, XPS, SEM, gas chromatography, computational simulation of XAS spectra.

We kindly invite you to write us for more information on the project and to plan a visit to our laboratory.