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Advanced characterization by electron microscopy of nanostructured materials as well as thin film heterostructures

The successful candidate will work at the experimental activities concerning characterisation, first, by transmission electron microscopy of nanostructured materials, with particular reference to the study of thin films heterostructures. The candidate will also work in strong synergy with the IOM groups involved in thin film growth and in the study of electronic properties of such systems by means of synchrotron radiation spectroscopies.
Within the NFFA-Trieste Project.


  • Degree required:
    • Master degree and PhD in Physics or related subjects
  • Additional requirements:
    • Proven experience in transmission electron microscopy
    • Proven experience in characterization of physic-chemical properties of materials, as well as good knowledge of typical materials science research topics usually addressed with electron microscopy and complementarity of the latter with other experimental techniques
    • Experience in TEM/STEM characterization of complex oxides, in TEM/STEM data analysis, processing and simulation as well as in TEM/STEM in situ experiments will be well considered (even if not mandatory)
    • Good level of English and some knowledge of Italian


Duration: 12 months renewable

Location: IOM Institute - Headquarters of TRIESTE

Deadline: 05 October 2020


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