UHV linear transfer system

Compact bi-directional transfer system designed and home-built at IOM-CNR.


total transfer distance
2.1 m
external dimensions
1 m
sample holders
The transfer mechanism consists of one sample carousel travelling on a rail 1 meter long, which is in turn movable on a system of wheels, resulting in a total displacement of the samples of 2.1 m of total distance, with a UHV envelope limited to only 1 m external footprint.
At APE-HE Beamline, the system moves the samples to the peripheral Oxide MBE chamber to the MASK chamber and to the x-ray photoemission spectrometer, but it can be made compatible with various types of chambers and sample holders (see figure).
Top view representation of the MBE-Cluster: MASK chamber (green), Oxide MBE chamber (red), XPS spectrometer chamber (blue), and the two home-built interconnection chambers (orange). Rev. Sci. Instrum. 91 , 085109 (2020); doi: 10.1063/5.000530

Two movements can be controlled with the cranks connected to the bottom flange: one allows moving the whole rail track into the two nearby chambers, while the second one controls the movement of the carousel on the rail.

The interconnecting chambers are pumped by ion pumps and non-evaporable getter pumps. Introducing and removing the samples in the cluster is assured by the load lock-fast entry chamber, equipped with a 80 l/s turbo pump. The load lock can transfer from air to  UHV up to four sample holders in about 30 min.

Up to 12 samples can be stored and transferred under UHV conditions.

A docking station for the UHV shuttle is also available and can be installed in either of the two interconnection chambers.

  • The UHV shuttle is pumped with a combination ion pump with an optional liquid-N2 cooled trap.
  • The interface between the cluster and the UHV shuttle is assured by a two-valve interconnect turbo pump enabling the transfer in low 10−10 mbar pressure.
  • The UHV shuttle can host up to six sample holders (three per each standard).


drawing (pdf)

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NFFA UHV linear transfer system
by CNR-IOM Headquarters
Source work URL: https://www.trieste.nffa.eu/open-source-lab/uhv-linear-transfer-system/.


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Rev. Sci. Instrum., 91, 085109, (2020)
G. Vinai, F. Motti, A.Yu. Petrov et al.