Dual-PLD system

A second PLD chamber connected to the first one via a UHV transfer tube.


Base pressure (without bakeout)
Deposition Chamber: 1.0 x 10-8 mbar
Transfer tunnel: 7.0 x 10-8 mbar
Yes (120°C)
N. of docking ports for UHV suitcase
2 (DN40CF)
Transfer arm total transfer distance
1.85 m
Sample holder type
Flag style (Omicron plate) or others on request
N. of transferable samples
A dual-PLD system

This home-made Pulsed Laser Deposition chamber has been fully assembled and connected to the one already operational through a ultra-high vacuum transfer tube, creating an innovative dual-PLD system.

PLD-I is used for oxides and PLD-II for metals, so as not to oxidize the metals present in this chamber.

The UHV transfer system will be exploited for the growth of heterostructures with excellent quality interfaces, with the possibility to transfer in UHV to other measurement systems thanks to our vacuum suitcases.

To learn more about how our UHV transfer systems work, watch the VIDEO.

NFFA-Trieste dual-PLD system


frame (pdf)

general chambers assembly (pdf)

PLD II chamber (pdf)

sample transfer station (pdf)

transfer mechanism (pdf)

docking station (pdf)

connection nipple (pdf)

3D general chambers assembly (pdf) download and open with Adobe Acrobat

3D sample transfer station (pdf) download and open with Adobe Acrobat

3D transfer mechanism (pdf) download and open with Adobe Acrobat

To have the 3D full project in various formats for free, contact info.ts@nffa.eu


NFFA dual-PLD system
by CNR-IOM Headquarters
Source work URL: https://www.trieste.nffa.eu/free-to-use-technical-drawings-catalogue/dual-pld-system/


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Assembly phase
Detail of the UHV transfer system
Connected and operational on site