Entry procedures to access NFFA-Trieste facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

October 1st, 2022

When accessing the NFFA-Trieste and Elettra facilities, it is recommended that everyone always have an FFP2 mask ready for use, if necessary; if not available, please contact the scientist in charge of the beamline.

Masks are recommended:
- in environments where the number of people exceeds what specified on door signs;
- during in-person meetings, when the maximum number of people exceeds what prescribed by the SPP (Prevention and Protection Service) concerning the use of meeting rooms;
- whenever a gathering of people occurs, even occasionally;
- when queueing for access to premises, the canteen or other public places (e.g. refreshment rooms);
- for those who share their work environment with personnel included in the “vulnerable” category;
- in presence of any symptoms affecting the respiratory tract;
- in the lifts.

International Travel and Transport

Starting from June 1st, 2022, the EU digital COVID-19 certificate (in Italy "Green pass") IS NOT required to enter Italy.

Before travelling, we strongly advise you to always check all the updates directly with the Italian Embassy in your country.

Useful links to check:

Here is the list of Trieste pharmacies that provide a swab service and the web site to book the swab (instructions). Contact for support.

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