Entry procedures to access NFFA-Trieste facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

May 1st, 2022

It is currently mandatory to wear a surgical mask in all indoor NFFA-Trieste and Elettra premises.

In Italy, it is compulsory to wear FFP2 type masks on public transport and it is recommended to wear a surgical mask also in all public indoor premises or other locations open to the public.

The EU digital COVID-19 certificate (in Italy "Green pass") is NO LONGER required to access:

- all NFFA-Trieste and Elettra premises (including the canteen)
- restaurants and bars (outdoor and indoor premises)
- all transports (local and long distance)
- hotels, B&Bs and hotel restaurants

International Travel and Trasport

For International Travel, please note that according to the rules presently in force, travelers from all foreign countries must present one of the following:

- a EU digital COVID-19 certificate (booster or vaccination cycle certificate less than 6 months old or negative swab test)
- a Healing Certificate
- an equivalent vaccination certificate, (booster or vaccination cycle certificate less than 6 months old or negative swab test)

Please keep yourself updated on any changes in the regulations regarding travel to Italy from your country and vice versa. Remember to double check with your home country for quarantine rules and always verify calling the Italian Embassy in your country and/or your National Health Authority, as regulations about this subject may rapidly change.

Useful links to check:

Here is the list of Trieste pharmacies that provide a swab service and the web site to book the swab (instructions). Contact for support.

APPLY for access